"I love to paint using texture and color as a means of expression. Various forms of  mixed media are utilized in my work, but I find myself most drawn to the use of a variety of natural elements which provide an abundance of texture in order to bring forth both a visual, as well as a sensory experience.  For me, texture in a painting is a form of dance.  It can be interpreted in various ways and adds interesting dimension to an otherwise flat image.  The organic formation of the various textures I create is often a discovery in itself.  I find great joy in the surprise factor once certain pieces have cured and dried. I believe that the most fascinating of pieces are ones that have been carefully layered, offering interest and evolving organically over time. When I paint, I seldom abide by rules. My art is not precise, as I like to think that the best artistic expressions are created in moments of reckless abandon. An art instructor once suggested for me to surrender and ultimately learn to let go in rebellion as I painted, as this would eventually propel my true creative strength.  That's when I discovered that true magic occurs in the moment of the unexpected connection to the greatest force of all, the force of creation. "

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